Why Men’s Corduroy Trousers Never Go Out of Style

Why Men’s Corduroy Trousers Never Go Out of Style

If you’re looking for a pair of fashionable trousers more comfortable than wool trousers and more relaxed on the human body than denim or jeans, look no further than men’s corduroy trousers.

These distinct, cord-based pattern trousers are trendy these days, thanks to the combination of comfort and style they offer.

The unique thing about men’s corduroy trousers at WISC is that they blend remarkably well with different outfits.

If you’re unfamiliar with corduroy trousers, you wonder what the fuss is all about. You may also not see how they differ from other popular styles of men’s trousers. This article throws light on corduroy trousers, their history, the benefits of wearing them, etc.

What Are Corduroy Trousers?

You won’t be far off the mark if you say corduroy trousers are made from corduroy fabric. But that’s a little far from the truth. In reality, corduroy isn’t a fabric but refers to a unique weaving pattern that features multiple parallel lines of raised material.

The majority of the men’s corduroy trousers on the market today are made from cotton. A few are made of polyester and wool. Regardless, all corduroy trousers are easily recognized by their distinct weaving pattern.

There are a wide variety of corduroy trousers today. They range from stretch corduroy trousers that are more elastic than conventional corduroy trousers to flared trousers, etc.

Before delving further, let’s find out how corduroy came into existence.

A Brief History of Corduroy

Corduroy started as a princely clothing material developed in the ancient Egyptian city of Fustat, 200 BC. It was prevalent among the locals for several centuries but gained global acclaim during the medieval era when Italian merchants introduced the material to nobles in Western Europe.

The elite clamored for the exceptional warmth that corduroy materials offer in the days before heating. Even King Henry VIII of England was not left out.

The term ‘corduroy’ was coined from the compound of the word ‘cord,’ which refers to the row-like, tufted wales or patterns. The suffix ‘duroy’ was a coarse, woolen fabric used extensively in England.

The modern corduroy emerged in Manchester, England, in the 18th century and was used widely as factory wear during the height of the Industrial Revolution. It remained that way for another century before beatniks and college students started wearing corduroy as an alternative to denim jeans and chinos in the 1960s.

The Benefits Men’s Corduroy Trousers Bring to the Table

Corduroy trousers bring a lot to the table, especially in terms of comfort. Thanks to its high-end construction and texture, you’ll experience incredible comfort when you wear a pair of corduroy trousers.

These features allow for premium comfort, which only a handful of other trousers offer these days. It doesn’t even matter whether you wear corduroy trousers all day or just for a few hours; your comfort is guaranteed at all times.

Men’s corduroy trousers are also stylish as they come in traditional colors like black, tan, etc. You can still find a few corduroys available in modern colors such as blue, green, tangerine, and even red.

This means you’ll have zero trouble finding the perfect pair of corduroy trousers to match any style you fancy.

Men’s corduroy trousers are also highly durable and incredibly strong due to the cord-based weaving pattern. This unique pattern offers natural protection from any form of damage.

Of course, this is not to imply that your corduroy trousers will last a lifetime; far from it. But you’ll definitely get a lot more use out of any pair of men’s corduroy trousers compared to other styles. This is primarily because corduroy trousers are more durable and stronger than other types of trousers.

Types of Corduroy Trousers

Familiarizing yourself with the types of corduroy trousers on the market nowadays is a wise decision. Every pair of corduroy trousers showcase the ever-popular weaving pattern.

However, corduroy trousers are different and feature exceptional qualities. The popular types of men’s corduroy trousers include:

  • Dyed
  • Pincord
  • Standard Wale
  • Needlecord
  • Pinwale

This makes it somewhat overwhelming when shopping for a nice pair of men’s corduroy trousers. However, if you can choose bold colors that match your everyday outfits, you should have no trouble integrating them into your go-to clothing.

How to Wear Men’s Corduroy Trousers

Here’s how to wear men’s corduroy trousers:

Formal Style

You can never feel out of place or inappropriate when you wear corduroy trousers to a formal event.

Don’t wear baggy corduroy trousers to formal events. Opt for dark-toned—such as dark brown or navy blue—sharp, slim corduroy trousers.

Smart Casual Style

Men’s corduroy trousers are much more elevated than denim. They’re also the best pick for casual, bright settings.

Therefore, choose corduroy trousers with dark colors such as navy blue, olive-green, black, etc. They give perfect color balance with every outfit.

Casual Style

You can combine a round polo or T-shirt with corduroy trousers if you want to look unique in a crowded setting where most people favor denim and top combo.

Since corduroy trousers are available in diverse colors, they can enhance your look any time, any day.

Suit Style

Do you know you can match corduroy trousers with a corduroy jacket/blazer in a suit style? This dressing style may not be popular, but there’s no denying that it leaves a definite statement.

The suit style elevates your casual look and is perfect for formal occasions. The best corduroy trousers colors are blue, brown, and greens.

Monochrome Style

This style is simple and incredibly minimalist but will still turn heads. You can create a distinct, monochromatic look by wearing a gray pair of corduroy trousers, a brown top, and suedes for perfect color balance.

Final Thoughts

Men’s corduroy trousers are unlikely to go out of style, especially since there are different ways to wear them. Corduroy trousers are made from cotton and are not necessarily a fabric. It’s characterized by a distinct or unique cotton-based and easily recognizable weaving pattern.
In summary, if you want to attract attention or court the admiration of every attendee at any event, wearing corduroy trousers is the subtle way to go.


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