Use These Top Online Shopping Tried and Tested Tricks to Become a Smart Shopper

Use These Top Online Shopping Tried and Tested Tricks to Become a Smart Shopper

The novel coronavirus pandemic affected lives in many ways. Everyone’s routine was disturbed. Since there was lockdown and quarantine everywhere, individuals had to stay at home with limited ways to unwind or distract themselves.

Online shopping became a comfortable way to distract from an everyday life crisis.

And why not? Since it was convenient, instant, and the safest way to get what they wanted or needed. Who doesn’t like browsing through store catalogs from the comfort of their home? However, while doing that, customers often worried about the depleting savings. This is where this article comes to your rescue. Here you will find the best ways to be mindful of your online purchases.

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Here’s how you can be a savvy shopper with so much available online nowadays. Let’s begin shopping the smart way!

Be Smart About Reviews Online

The primary reason why anyone chooses to shop online is convenience. However, the downside is that you can’t touch or test the item you wish to buy. This is why we always head to online reviews. While they can be helpful, can you spot the fake reviews?

You must check the fake reviews before buying anything online. But how to identify what’s written by paid customers? The first way to identify fake reviews is to assess whether the product has positive reviews. If that’s the case, it is clear that it’s not the entire truth. Check the quality of reviews.

If they are talking about a product in detail, it will allow you to find the information on the product. You can also cross-reference from some experts and look for consumer reports.

Use Browser Extensions for Price Comparisons

Prices always vary. One retailer sells it at one price while it’s different at the other store. But, hopping to various sites can be pretty challenging. However, if you start Googling products, you will get a page full of different retailers along with their prices.

You can use a trick where you can compare prices using browser extensions. And guess what, it’s entirely free. It will make you smarter, along with making your browser smarter as well. You can do it with Google Chrome. For instance, you can use Invisible Hand. It will give you pop-up notifications if available for less or at another retailer nearby. It will help you find the best way to get the best deal.

However, it will give your browser more access to your data than you might be comfortable with. So, if you want to use this trick, make sure to keep your data safe as well.

Look for price negotiation websites online

You must be thinking, bargaining is only available if you shop at offline stores. How is it even possible online? Honestly, it is. Companies like already use this method to help customers be at the driver’s seat when shopping online. In such sites, you get an opportunity to name your price for the product.

Here you can set your price, look for weekly deals. And guess what? You will get the same policies like free shipping and returns along with a 100% money-back guarantee. Consumers are at the center of this marketplace. You can save more than what you can when shopping on Amazon.

This pricing model is a novel concept online where you can get a decent deal and save money while shopping online. The best part is that you can save a lot of money by bringing your negotiation skills to practice.

Search for coupons

A lot of online retailers accept coupons on their sites. So, if you aren’t already using a coupon website or browser extension, take a few minutes and find something for yourself before purchasing the following order. You can conduct a Google search for coupons and look for the websites.

This will give you access to all the sites to find some discount coupons. You will save a lot of money when buying online using that. However, it will be a little time-consuming to see whether the coupon is good enough to purchase. You can find coupons that aren’t usually available by visiting websites that offer such coupons.

Time your online purchases

Did you know that “when” you do online shopping can also impact your pricing? Yes, you need to be a bit strategic about “when” you buy. It is something that you must think about when making a purchase. For instance, you can opt for Black Friday deals. It will allow you to cut back on the money spent hugely by opting for such options online. You can also look for opportunities where you can get interest-free financing.

Remember, timing matters a lot. Shopping at the end of the season is also a great way to save on items. For instance, it will help you a lot if you buy things at the summer end, it will allow you to purchase within your budget. This is how you can be the smartest and savviest consumer.

However, while doing so, you must be cautious of all the fraudulent shops online. Even if you think the website is legitimate, it would be good for you if you look out for red signals and double-check reviews and bounce rates.


Many people use smartphones and tablets for online shopping nowadays. In fact, there was a whopping 190% increase in mobile purchases. However, the same opportunity has its own unique security challenges as well. This is why when shopping online in this digital world. You must ensure to find the best website to make the purchase.

The tips above will allow you to become a competent and savvy online shopper. Ideally, many searchers believe that price negotiation is the best way to shop online while saving money. It is because you get a chance to bid your own price without you having to look at any other website.

Thus, giving you an opportunity to save time while shopping online. Are you all set to grab some fantastic deals while shopping online?


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