Top 11 Gourmet Dishes From Trendy Restaurants That Include Cannabis

Cannabis infused gourmet dishes have become as popular as the classic pot brownies. From pizza and cocktails to a hearty split pea soup or kief quiche, the possibilities are endless!

You can now take cooking with herbs from your garden to a whole new level. Explore these new strains and incorporate some homegrown cannabis into your favorite dishes for a mouth watering experience.

Let’s look at the top 11 weed infused dinner recipes from trendy restaurants to try at home.

But first, the infusion

Before you can start on your journey into cannabis cooking recipes, you must decarboxylate and infuse. Decarboxylation activates the psychoactive compounds in cannabis.

Without it, you might as well just enjoy a toke. Your meals will have a grassy taste and you won’t feel any effects.

Infuse the decarboxylated weed with coconut oil, butter, or olive oil of your choice as this will be the key ingredient to your recipes. You could add the weed to your favorite sauce or preserves for more interesting infusions.

Before you cook, we should point out that, while other states have changed their opinion about cannabis, Iowa hasn’t. If you’re a resident in the state, you may only enjoy these cannabis infused dinner recipes as a registered medicinal user.

Mouthwatering gourmet meals

We’ve all heard about marijuana cupcake recipes or even brownies, many love the popular combination. But the fun doesn’t end there!

Here are the top 11 gourmet dishes to add to your dinner menu.

1. Hearty medicinal split pea soup
This delicious soup is not only the ultimate in comfort foods but also a hearty dish for lazy days. Use your infused olive oil for extra flavor and add vegetables, herbs, and spices to taste.

2. Infused salad dressing
Bring your favorite salads to life with a canna-Italian salad dressing. Using infused olive oil as the base, add red or white wine vinegar, herbs, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. For a little extra kick, add some chili flakes to the recipe.

3. Creamy spinach and artichoke dip
Using your infused cannabutter or canna-Mayonnaise, create a decadent appetizer by adding spinach, artichoke, and a lot of cheese. Serve it with a toasted bruschetta topped with cannabutter.

4. Clam and green chili pasta
Clams, peppers, capers, herbs, and spices come together to create this delectable gourmet dish. Just add some melted cannabutter for an infused creamy pasta dish.

5. Chicken cacciatore
This classic Italian dish gets a herbal twist with infused butter. The chicken, onion, olives, cremini mushrooms and wine, come together for a hearty dish that’ll leave you wanting more.

6. Simple gnocchi
With cannabis food recipes, it doesn’t get simpler than gnocchi. For this straightforward dish, prepare store-bought gnocchi by following the instructions on the pack, or make it from scratch. Toss the hot gnocchi with cannabutter and grated parmesan for a tasty trip.

7. Kief quiche
Few things are better than deliciously creamy weed infused dinner recipes. One of these “must-try” meals is the kief quiche, which combines onion, broccoli, cannabutter, and a mountain of mozzarella cheese. The great thing about this recipe is how versatile it is. Mix up the vegetables used or add any other ingredients that you like.

8. Spanakopita
This straightforward marijuana infused pastry dish should be on everyone’s list. Combine infused oil or cannabutter with spinach and ricotta cheese and fill a filo dough lined dish. Cover with more pastry and bake. How’s that for a deliciously simple side dish?

9.Vegetable tart
Another delectable pastry to try is this versatile veggie tart. Sautee leeks, peppers, spinach, mushrooms (or any vegetables of your choice) in cannabutter. Spread it over a crispy filo pastry base and pop back into the oven. For an extra big of yumminess, top it all off with your cheese of choice before baking.

10. Caramels
Cannabis cooking recipes don’t have to stay at dinner meals and appetizers, why not try a sweet treat? Use cannabutter to make this sweet and chewy treat.

11. Almond lemon bars
Try these creamy bards for a balanced savory and sweet treat. Substitute your infusion for the butter in the recipe to create the perfect combination with almond and lemon. It’s mouthwatering to the last crumb.

Tips for delectable cannabis food recipes

Cooking with cannabis is extremely easy, but missing simple tricks might destroy your meal. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your canna-meals.

  • Decarboxylation is the most important step.
  • Always use top-quality buds.
  • Strain all plant matter correctly to prevent a “grassy” taste in your infusions.
  • Monitor doses correctly.
  • Never cook your infused meals over 350°F.
  • Prevent accidents by storing your infusions correctly and labeling them clearly.
Prepare those high-end meals

You could take your cooking journey to new heights by adapting almost any recipe to include your cannabis infusions. Just pay close attention to the different flavors of the recipe to ensure that they’ll blend well with the infusion that you’re using.

Consuming marijuana doesn’t have to be limited to a single method, why not incorporate your buds with your favorite meal? The best part? If you have a delicious marijuana strain growing in your garden, you could incorporate that flavor profile into your chosen recipe as well.

Go ahead and get baked!


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