Tiffany Brown: The NYFW Interview Fall/Winter ’23

Dr. Tiffany Brown is a determined and passionate entrepreneur combining her fashion business with her namesake non-profit, Tiffany Brown Family Foundation. The Foundation will host an inaugural brunch to support programs and initiatives for girls and women in the world of entrepreneurship. The Tiffany Brown Family Foundation Brunch will give 2023 Trailblazer Awards to individuals that are committed to supporting for girls and women in the entrepreneurship. The event will be held on Wednesday, February 15th 12 pm2 pm at Spring Studios in New York City.

Tiffany Brown


Q: Tell us about the core Tiffany Brown ideal, that “luxury is a necessity.” What makes Tiffany Brown a different proposition in the marketplace?

One of the great things about it is I have varying demographics that love me and I love them. I try to dress the 21 year old. I also dress the 55 year old, so I keep my pieces timeless. You can keep them between collections. There’s something that is an investment but you can wear it at any season, at any time. So, that is why luxury is a necessity, but you can wear it multiple times and not just one season and it’s so trendy that it doesn’t transcend. That’s great.

Q: Because I know that you mentioned a lot of times that people have expensive brands that are fleeting or that are overpriced, and you feel that it’s something that people can have long term. It’s the opposite of fast fashion as well, I suppose.

Absolutely. As a designer, you want to curate. You don’t want to get into fast fashion. The duration between being able to buy something in the store from a pattern, it’s like two weeks. So, you have to kind of give a full story of it. And I love seasons. I love themes. This theme for this particular collection is gray. Gray is the color of truth that is the color of understanding, of wisdom gray hair. And so I think this is a great collection. I’m also from the south Atlanta, Georgia, where we wear a lot of themes and so we love a lot of color themes. So, gray is a great theme for the winter to be able to wear. So yeah.

Q: So we’re going to see a lot of grays on the runway in just a few minutes.

Yes, absolutely.

Q: You mentioned you’re from Atlanta. We’ve seen you on the runway here in New York. We’ve seen you in Paris. What advice would you give someone who’s an aspiring designer or businessperson? How did you get from Atlanta, which is a big city, to the international level you’re at now?

So, I think it’s being intentional about showing. One of the things that I did that I think was really great for me and propelling me is I showed multiple seasons. So, I would do New York, but then I would also do Paris. I did London at one point, I did Milan because a lot of times media doesn’t always travel. And so you’re going to go to the show closest to you in your region. And so you expose people in different areas and you can kind of grow your following organically that way.

Q: Anything else you want to say about the future? Anything else Tiffany Brown has planned for the following seasons?

We’re concentrating on this for the time being. The Q4 of 2023, Paris, and the New York store. And I’m also launching my family foundation, and a proceeds of it will help entrepreneurs, women and girls.

Q: You have a family foundation that’s going to be helping young women and girls who are entrepreneurs?

Yes. Because I remember I always had that entrepreneurial spirit, but then I’m also very overeducated. So I wonder what it might be like if I’d had some type of resource so I didn’t have to go down a path of having all these advanced degrees, and I could have just gotten into my field a lot faster.

Q: Is there a website for that yet? Or how can we find it.



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