Ten Things You Need For A Great Night Out

Ten Things You Need For A Great Night Out

Nights out – whether with someone you love or a group of girlfriends – are some of the most fun that you can have.

It means laughter till you shed a tear and it means being close with people who love you the most. The thing is, you want your night out to be filled with you feeling as confident as possible, and the only way to do that is to make sure that you make this night out you’re about to have about you.

A big part of the fun of a night out is getting ready. It’s the gathering with the girls and exchanging makeup and hair tips. It’s choosing the outfit – I mean a full shopping trip for STAUD corset tops is a must! You need to make your night out memorable; after all, you only get so many before they become a thing of the past, right? With that in mind, you want to make sure that your night out is a great one and we’ve got ten things you need for that to work!

  1. Play music. You cannot get ready for a night out without good music playing, too. Everything is incomplete without a good beat, and when you’re out and having fun, you need to have good music for the night, too. Put a playlist together for getting ready, and then choose a venue location with great music and dancing.
  2. Go it alone. Sometimes, you want to have a night out but you don’t want to bring your partner because you want to let your hair down with the girls. Going it alone will give you a chance to dance with abandon and have a great night just thinking about being with friends. It’s often the nicest way to spend a night out!
  3. Make sure you get food. On a night out, you need to have something to eat – even when you’re not drinking. You can start with a meal out, or you can get that takeout at the end of the night. Before you go, have snacks in the house while you’re getting ready and really enjoy something delicious to eat.
  4. Pack your bags. You might not be going anywhere on vacation, but you should think about what you put in your purses (and which purses you bring!). Carry the things you think you’ll need, but leave the kitchen sink. Bring your keys, phone, wallet and if you worry, bring your pepper spray. Don’t forget some mints, too, and if your bag is big enough, pack an extra dress – just in case of spills!
  5. Don’t forget to accessorize. It’s not just the corset top and skinny jeans. It’s the heels, the flats you hide in your bag, the chunky jewelry or the earrings you wear – the accessories matter. A great little black dress is not complete without the matching accessories and keep the makeup minimal with it when you dress up the accessories. You want to look classy and confident and that’s the ticket to it!
  6. Try on more than one outfit. When you are heading out for the night, you need to decide on outfits that fit the season and fit the theme. Yes, there’s a theme, and we don’t mean costumes. Some bars are classier than others, and if you’re heading to a cocktail tasting you want to look good but feel comfortable at the same time. If your night out is going to involve an activity like an escape room or something else that’s fun, comfort will be key there, too. You just need to make sure that you feel confident in whatever you’re wearing.
  7. Set the mood. Before your friends arrive to get ready, set the mood! Light the deliciously smelling candles, get out the wine and some glasses (juice for those who can’t!) and set out some snacks. You can set the mood to get ready before people arrive and you can put in so many fun little knick knacks to start your night with as much laughter as possible.
  8. Get the house tidy. Before people come round and turn your home into a makeup and hair studio, treat yourself to a cleaner. Booking for a couple of hours saves you the time and the sweating getting the place cleaned to perfection and it gives you that time to get ready in a clean and tidy space. It’s also perfect to make the house feel homey before you come home from the night out, too. This way, you’re not faced with chores when you get back after being with friends.
  9. Get invitations sent out. You want everyone to feel excited by the night out that you’re planning, and that means that you need invitations to be sent out properly. Make a whole night of it, don’t just give everyone a time to be there. Let it be something that feels fancy and formal, even if it’s not! Make the guest list an exclusive one, though, because you want this night out to be super exciting and fun for all. You want to have a night out with people that you can trust, especially on a night out when you’re having fun!
  10. Rest up. Before your night out can be a good one, you want to know that you have the stamina to go the distance. Whether you’re looking to hop from bar to bar or you’re having fun with a whole group of friends, you need rest before you go! Have a nap in the daytime and get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, too. You want to be rested and ready so that you can feel geared up for the night so make sure you have some time in your schedule to relax properly.

A great night out takes – above everything – careful thought and planning. You want this to be a night to remember, so bring the camera and get those photo opportunities lined up and ready to go.


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