SILKPRO USA To Launch First Ever Over-The-Counter Tool Empowering Women To Visually Monitor Their Breast Health

The Pink Luminous Breast Will offer Women a New, Technologically Advanced Way to Take Charge of their Breast Health At Home

Currently one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime, every twelve minutes a woman dies from the disease with 60-80% of the cases being diagnosed in a later stage. Early detection is key to surviving.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an important time to discuss prevention, detection, and treatment. One company tackling this global challenge is SilkPro USA with the Pink Luminous Breast, a one-of-a-kind breast familiarity assistance tool. At launch, the Pink Luminous Breast device will be the first FDA-cleared tool validated against the mammogram to provide a visual screening of breast wellness. Its patented technology anchors the company’s position as a category creator of at-home breast wellness devices.

Miami-Based Entrepreneur Marilyn Dans Encourages Women to Take Control of Their Health with an Awareness Lifestyle

To support Breast Cancer Awareness, Pink Luminous Breast, SilkPro USA is hosting a candlelite concert fundraiser at the Mayfair House Hotel & Garden in Coconut Grove, Florida to benefit the Baptist Health Foundation and Pink Luminous Advocacy Project.

More than just an at-home device, Pink Luminous Breast is a passion project for SilkPro USA Founder, Marilyn Dans, who underwent a lumpectomy at the age of 17. “I knew immediately the device was something I had a spiritual obligation to pursue. The emotional distress that breast cancer caused my family and I, as well as the millions of families affected by this devastating disease, consumes so much more than just its host cells,” Dans said.

SilkPro USA anticipates the product and telehealth platform launch of Pink Luminous Breast in early 2024. Purchasers will be able to register their device through the Pink Luminous Breast App, subscribe to the telehealth platform that provides monthly reminders to upload images from the device, and track changes through their proprietary AI Imagery technology.

Miami-Based Entrepreneur Marilyn Dans Encourages Women to Take Control of Their Health with an Awareness Lifestyle

Pink Luminous Breast works with fine spectrum light to illuminate veins – including dark clusters that may indicate potential abnormalities and lumps that increase blood supply to dense areas. The device is an innovative, safe, and effective way for women to familiarize themselves with their breast health from the comfort of their homes, but is not intended as a substitute for regular screenings or physician’s visits. Regular use of the Pink Luminous Breast has no known adverse side effects and is safe and effective.

About Pink Luminous Breast:

More than a device, Pink Luminous Breast is a tool and a lifestyle meant to build awareness. A personal project for SilkPro USA Founder, the Miami-based entrepreneur Marylin Dans, Pink Luminous Breast is a familiarity tool to use in conjunction with breast self-examinations to monitor visual changes that you may see in your breast via transillumination.

About SilkPro USA

SilkPro USA is passionate about providing women with the most advanced technologies for health and beauty at the most affordable prices possible. With more than 15 years of experience, the SilkPro USA staff continuously researches new ways to deliver the most advanced products to their customers. Their vision is to address practical human needs with high-efficiency standards, empowering women to make informed decisions about their short and long-term health.


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