Jewelry Trends for 2023

Jewelry is a key part of any fashion lover’s closet. It is a means of expressing yourself, elevating an outfit, and making you feel more put together.

There is so much variety to choose from these days that there is something for everyone out there to enjoy.

If you are someone who loves accessorizing, finding unique jewelry pieces, or following the trends, then you are probably on the edge of your seat to discover what is going to be in style this year.

Well, you are in luck! This piece is going to take a look at the jewelry trends that are set to hit the store racks this year, so you can bling up in style.

Let’s get into it!

Maximalism with Rings

If you have many rings in your collection, it is time to show them all off at the same time. Maximalism is set to be a hit in 2023 when it comes to dressing up your fingers, which means more is better. That being said, there is an input for the type of ring to follow this trend with, and that is pretty much anything goes. Colorful stones, rough edges, combinations that would not usually go together, along with a mixture of chunky and thin band styles will definitely create a fashionable focal point.

Dark Stones and Beads

The lighter colors are taking a backseat this year to make way for the more mysterious palette. This will be a breath of fresh air for some who like a blended look. Dark and neutral palettes match with anything, so this is great for someone who wants a statement piece that works with any outfit.

Diamonds with a Twist

It would seem strange to think that diamonds would ever go out of fashion. While they are thought of ‘as a girl’s best friend,’ they are versatile enough for everyone. That being said, this year will show a lot more of this favorite stone with big twists. These variations include unique settings, strange shapes, and unusual combinations that are set to hit the runway.

That said, 14k gold necklaces with diamonds will never go out of style if you want to incorporate a hybrid look.

Pearls and Then Some

Pearl necklaces have always been one of those staple jewelry pieces that are always welcome as part of an outfit. It is a classic that has stood the test of time and still does not appear to be taking its leave. In fact, pearls reworked seem to be what is hot for 2023. Think jumbo styles and unique shapes that incorporate this much loved stone, and find something that suits your look and daily wear. Pearls are a great statement item to take your outfits to the next level.

These are just a few trends that are set to grace the runways and the shelves for 2023. As always, they are a guide. Always wear something that makes you feel good or that you are comfortable with – trends come and go, and your style will always be unique and personal to you!


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