Flying Solo Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Accessory Collections

Brands from all corners of the globe gathered to present their latest accessory collections to selected guests, photographers, media personnel, and fashion writers in early March at La Galerie Bourbon. The New York City based company, comprising several rotating brands, will open the doors to its third location -a Paris flagship store- in April. Found below are moments captured from the runway show, as well as a bit of context about several of the brands that presented.

Flying Solo Paris Fashion Week Accessory Collections


Ebonie Ealey is the creator of Ebaneza, a fashion brand that celebrates natural beauty by adding a touch of flair to hair designs. Inspired by wild elements such as flowers, birds, bees, vines, and trees, Ebaneza aims to highlight one’s natural beauty. Ealey’s passion for fashion was ignited after her daughter was born in 2010, and she desired to create something special for her. Ebaneza’s ideal customer is someone who is confident in their beauty, open-minded, and looking to add a little extra to their hairstyle.

The upcoming collection showcases how Ealey has merged her love for nature and high-fashion headpieces. Fashion entrepreneurs should have ambition, innovation, and drive to succeed in the industry. Ealey advises aspiring fashion designers to believe in their vision and that good intentions will ultimately result in a good reward.

Elk & Bloom

Elk & Bloom is a small UK-based jewellery brand that aims to combine everyday-wear with luxury. They focus on creating jewellery that empowers and inspires individuals and has the power to create precious moments or bring back memories. The brand has noticed a shift in trends, where customers are interested in layering and mixing styles, creating a bespoke look by building up their own ‘curated ear.’ Elk & Bloom caters to customers who find beauty in everyday life and seek thoughtful design with a bespoke element that can be personalized to the wearer.

They offer a range of pieces that range from £30 to £90, and their biggest inspiration is their customers. Elk & Bloom is inspired by summer and takes inspiration from goddesses such as Cleopatra, Aphrodite, and Venus, and their newest collection aims to embody strength and power. The brand encourages fashion entrepreneurs to seek support and guidance, be honest about their weaknesses, and focus on creating something meaningful.


Lamu is a Kenyan jewellery brand that works closely with local artisans to showcase their talent and craftsmanship. Inspired by classic African jewellery design with a contemporary twist, Lamu has expanded to collaborate with artisans across Africa, bridging the gap between upcoming talent and the rest of the world. The brand’s ideal customer is a bold, stylish woman looking for unique pieces of jewellery that stand out.

The upcoming collection is inspired by Lamu, a special island on the coast of Kenya that represents exclusivity and African luxury. The collection aims to transport customers to this dreamy destination with pieces that represent its essence. The top three skills fashion entrepreneurs need are creativity, passion, and resilience. Lamu’s advice for those starting their own fashion brand is to follow their passion and dreams, regardless of what others may say.

Lis the Label

Lisa Hoffman is the founder of Lis the Label, an affordable and versatile jewellery brand. Lisa’s passion for jewellery inspired her to start the brand as she wanted to create high-quality jewellery that can be affordable and versatile enough to wear on various occasions. Lisa’s ideal customer is someone who appreciates and loves jewellery to elevate their outfits.

The upcoming collection will have a lot of statement pieces that are unique and mix various textures and metals together. According to Lisa, fashion entrepreneurs need to have adaptability, authenticity, and accessibility. She advises aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to go for it if they have a passion for it and to not hold themselves back. Lisa believes that opportunities can come their way that they could never even imagine.


Katri Juva is the founder of Nikkotakko, a jewellery brand inspired by her love for aesthetics and the continuity of her son’s toy train tracks. She rediscovered her creative roots after a career in marketing and management and started her business in 2013. Her ideal customers are individuals from all backgrounds who appreciate rich boho and statement style with intricate details and stories behind each collection.

She is excited about her upcoming collection, which includes a rich combination of materials, techniques, and colours that convey values and messages. According to Katri, the top skills for fashion entrepreneurs are being true to oneself, having a passionate attitude, and finding joy and satisfaction in one’s work. Her advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to trust their intuition, invest in visual brand visibility, and understand that establishing a brand takes time and effort.

Tamara Von Arx (Swiss Couture)

Tamara Von Arx, owner and founder of the Swiss Couture Brand Tamara Von Arx, draws inspiration from her background in craftsmanship and a desire to expand her ideas into handbags and accessories. Her ideal customers are often self-confident women who are leaders in the business world, seeking a luxurious bespoke handbag experience.

Tamara’s upcoming collection is a testament to her commitment to sustainable fashion, as every piece is handmade in Switzerland and made from upcycled rare materials. She believes creativity, resilience, and service are the top three skills fashion entrepreneurs need to have, and advises aspiring designers to stay true to their vision. Tamara’s brand stands out for its unique and sustainable approach to couture, as well as its commitment to quality and luxury.


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