Fashion Trends To Inspire An Interior Revamp

Fashion Trends To Inspire An Interior Revamp

Catwalk trends don’t just inspire us to get creative with putting new looks together and freshening up our wardrobes. The hottest fashion trends can transcend glossy magazines and runway shows, providing inspiration for our homes.

In this guide, we’ll explore the trends that are making waves in the world of fashion and interior design to give you inspiration for a revamp or seasonal switch-up.

Chic neutrals

Spring/summer is the perfect time to inject a swathe of chic neutral shades into your wardrobe and your home. As the days get lighter and brighter, and the mercury rises, there’s nothing better than a palette comprising shades of white, cream, beige, taupe and grey. When temperatures increase, designers embrace lighter shades and muted tones to cater to the conditions. This can be seen on the catwalk with models adorned in beautiful, understated hues, and in the home. Summer is the time to maximise natural light and create the illusion of space and openness with crisp white walls and accents of cappuccino, mocha and ivory.

The natural look

Many of us gravitate towards lighter, looser materials when putting together a summer capsule wardrobe. The natural look is ideal for our wardrobes and our homes, especially at a time when sustainability is key. Natural materials are a popular choice for pieces of clothing, as well as furniture and home accessories. You can create stunning living spaces using materials like wood, cotton, linen, jute and bamboo. This trend enables you to bring the outside in and enjoy the feeling of being outside or even on an exotic holiday, no matter where your home is. For summer dressing, natural fabrics are a staple. Linen and cotton will keep you cool and comfortable while ensuring that you’re always on-trend. For summer 2022, look out for the return of wide-leg trousers and oversized shirts, which are ideal for festivals and beach days.

Waves and curves

Trends are cyclical, and 2022 has seen a throwback to the fun, playful era of the 1970s. Waves and curves are everywhere. If you love the idea of retro interiors and getups that take you back in time, this is the trend to embrace. Curved edges, scallop shapes, waves and ruffles have popped up all over the catwalks and this is a vibe that has also been picked up by interior designers and retailers. You can be as big and bold or as subtle as you like. From accessories like earrings to finish off a festival look or picture frames to add a sense of fun to a living room to audacious printed dresses and statement-making sofas or wallpaper, there are options for everyone.


Spring/summer 2022 is an intriguing paradox in terms of colour palettes. One minute we’re flocking towards the neutrals, the next, we’re going all-out with bold brights. The beauty of design trends is that you can mix and match, utilise different looks for different purposes or occasions and choose colours to match a mood. Summer brights are uplifting and energising. They can make you feel good whether you wear them or use them to decorate your home. Colours influence the way we feel. While some shades, such as blue, purple and green, are proven to calm, others stimulate us and make us happy. Examples include pink, orange and yellow. If you’re planning an interior revamp, why not take inspiration from your summer wardrobe and spread joy with a splash of colour? You don’t have to go crazy and paint every wall. Accessories are a simple, affordable way to introduce new tones and shades.


Studies suggest that over 75% of adults want to live more sustainably. Adopting greener ways of living has changed the way we shop. Vintage is one of the most exciting trends in both the worlds of fashion and interior design. Buying vintage clothes and accessories and revamping our homes using pieces of treasure from days gone by is a brilliant way to reduce waste and support the circular economy while experimenting with different looks. If you are buying vintage items for your home, it’s a great idea to make use of services provided by professional rug cleaners and upholsterers to rejuvenate and revive tired or damaged soft furnishings and to look for items that have potential. Upcycling is a fantastic way to save money, encourage and facilitate creativity and produce bespoke, unique pieces.


If you take a stroll around a furniture warehouse or home or clothing store, browse glossy magazines or trawl online stores, you’ll soon notice that quilting is a key trend for 2022. The oversized, puffy bag, padded jackets and quilted shoes feature on must-have clothing and accessories lists while interior shops and showrooms are packed with quilted chairs, footstools and couches. Quilting elevates even the most basic item, adding a luxe edge.


Bouclé is all about embracing cosiness and warmth. Throughout the winter months, bouclé featured heavily in clothing and home furnishing and accessory designs. From chairs, blankets and sumptuous rugs to cool coats, oversized fleeces and cute hats, bouclé has become a must for chilly days. The beauty of boucle is that it doesn’t have to be a purely seasonal trend. Choosing light colours for your home enables you to use pieces throughout the year. When it gets brighter and warmer, you can team bouclé cushions and rugs with natural, lightweight materials like cotton and jute to add texture.

Fashion trends don’t just inspire the way we dress and put outfits together. They can also provide ideas and get our creative juices flowing when designing living spaces and planning an interior revamp. If you’re thinking about updating your decor, or you’re keen to experiment with new trends, why not look to the catwalks for inspiration? This year, trends such as neutrals, natural looks, brights, quilting, curves and waves and bouclé have influenced our wardrobes, as well as our interior design plans. Whatever the project, have fun, don’t be afraid to mix and match and combine elements of different trends and celebrate your taste and style.


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