Everything to Know Before Cutting Your Hair and Rocking Short Haircuts

Everything to Know Before Cutting Your Hair and Rocking Short Haircuts

Most women cut their hair because they see a fellow woman looking beautiful with short haircuts. However, although the desire and the urge to cut the hair can be too much, it might take time to do the actual cutting.

Some women are afraid that the stylist will cut it too short or won’t understand the instructions clearly, getting a hairstyle that does not flatter your face.

This article breaks down everything you need to know to help you decide whether to cut your hair or leave it long. We will tell you what to consider before cutting your hair and the short haircuts styles for your face shape and hair type.

Why People Cut Their Hair

People have various reasons for going short and rocking short haircuts. While some want to change their style, others do it due to medical conditions. Some of the reasons people go short are;

  • Change Hair Style – If you have been wearing long hair since you were a child, you could want to do something different with it like making it shorter. If you like the new look you get after going short, you can make it your signature. However, if the unique style doesn’t look good on you, try something different.
  • Show Your Facial Features – Some women go short because they want to show their facial features. This could be your face’s shape, cheeks, or forehead, which might not be very visible with long hair. You could also do it to show off your beautiful head shape.
  • Easy Maintenance – One of the most common reasons people chop off their hair is for easier maintenance. Short hair does not require much attention or styling products like hair gel and mousse. Besides, you can wash your head every day, leaving you more fresh and clean.
  • Make The Head Lighter – While some women wish they had long and thick hair, the thick hair is a burden to others. Women with thick hair prefer to keep it shorter to make their heads lighter. Besides, long hair is distracting because the strands keep falling on the face.
  • Try Different Hair Colors – Short hair is easier to dye, so you can try different hair colors that you have admired. Besides, the bold colors show themselves better within short hair than in long hair. Dyeing long hair is also expensive because you require more dye for the entire head to fit.

What To Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

Before walking to the hairstylist to trim your strands, you should be sure about your decision. These tips will help you make a sound decision.

  • Face Shop – Short hair will show off your face shape, so you should choose a style that matches your shape. Some styles could make you look different, while others will flatter your facial features. Research and ask your stylist for a short hairstyle that could fit you well.
  • Hair Texture – The roughness or softness of your hair is a huge determinant of the hairstyle you will wear. Girls with super-curly hair might have to go for longer, while those with tougher hair can enjoy the short haircuts.
  • Time For Styling – If you are cutting your hair to reduce the time for styling, you should make it short and simple. You can wash in the morning, meaning you also don’t require hair products like gel. However, people with more time to style their hair can leave it neck length and try the different styles.
  • Work Place – What are the rules of your workplace? Find out if there are short hairstyles you cannot wear because some are termed unprofessional. For example, women are advised against doing short haircuts such as undercuts and other punky styles in some jobs.
  • Personal Preference And Taste – While considering the other factors, the most important is your taste and preference. How do you feel about the new style? And do you think you will look good in it? If you don’t feel good about the short haircuts, don’t consider them because they could lower your confidence.


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