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Travel the World at Home: Diptyque City Candles

Globetrotting Scents for the World Traveler

I‘m a bit of what you might call a “scented candle obsessive.” (I’ve got “SCO.”) I still blame an ex-girlfriend of mine, an otherwise amazing person and aromatherapist, who used to drag me to Yankee Candle at the mall in LA, then later Bath and Body Works.

In an all-too-busy, all-too-digitized world, scented candles have a way of “grounding” me and returning me to the present moment in a way few other things can.

Over the years, I expanded my interests to brands such as Cire Trudon or Voluspa: but I always return to Diptyque. (I was even thrilled to discover Diptyque has a store right around the corner from my apartment in West Village.)

Of all the high-end candle brands, for my money, Diptyque’s scents are the most varied, nuanced, and powerful. The candles even have a good amount of “throw” (how far the scent “travels” from the candle; sort of the equivalent of a perfume’s sillage).

No matter how great a candle may smell in the glass, if it has no throw, it gets no love from me.

Diptyque’s scents are the most varied, nuanced, and powerful

Fall is, quite possibly, the best time of year to break out some new scented candles, so when I heard Diptyque had launched a new line of City Candles, I knew I had to try them.

I’ve always been equal parts homebody and globetrotter (yin-yang), so I was particularly drawn to the new City Collection.

I’ve always been equal parts homebody and globetrotter

According to Diptyque, “Each scented candle is an olfactory landscape inspired by the city.” Each candle’s design was also created to highlight the decorative architecture of each place.​

Although it was a hard call (I still want to try “Paris“), I decided to go for candles inspired by two of my favorite cities: Tokyo and New York (my current home).


According to Diptyque, the “Tokyo” candle was inspired by: “the fond memory of a stroll along alleyways in the shade of Japanese cypress trees where a temple diffuses notes of soothing incense.”

Like the city itself, the scent is mysterious. Main notes recall frankincense and myrrh.

Whether you’re meditating, doing yoga, or just require a little extra mindfulness and spiritualizing of the present moment, Tokyo will help center you.

(And as a side note: if you want straight myrrh, it worth mentioning Diptyque has that.)

Tokyo will help center you

New York

New York” was created to evoke “the golden age of alluring speakeasies and the city’s nightlife. Notes of cedar wood, vetiver and patchouli heightened by mysterious incense are a scented echo of these legendary and contemporary sights.”

Indeed, “New York” has a bold, woody smell, that recalls a bit of the fireplaces you smell burning in fall-winter, as you stroll through the crisp air.

It also has notes vaguely reminiscent of high-end perfume, which gives it a certain citywise sophistication. (If you’re looking for “full-on” fireplace scent, look no further than my all-time favorite Diptyque candle, Feu de Bois.)

If you’re looking to curl up with a good book, some turmeric tea, and a fireplace (real or simulated), “New York” will make you feel like you’re someplace warm, cozy, and safe.

“New York” will make you feel warm, cozy, and safe

Diptyque City Collection

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These City Collection candles are only available for a limited time, so go get yours while they last!


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