Building a New Hair Care Routine That Works for You

When your hair looks great, it impacts how you feel – you will be happier, confident, self-loving, and feel more capable than ever before. To get hair that looks and feels great, though, this isn’t as simple as running a brush through your strands every morning. You need to create a hair care routine. If you do not have a good routine in place, you may end up causing damage to your hair. Building and creating a sustainable routine for your hair care may take time, but with persistence and effort, it will be worth it.

Evaluate Your Starting Point

Before trying to create a new routine, you need to look at what your starting point is. This will be different for everyone. For instance, you may have damaged hair from years of coloring or as a result of over-styling with curlers and straighteners. It might be that your hair is full of split ends. When you know what you are starting with, you know where to focus your time and effort. If you do not uncover this, you may find you will start building a hair care routine around the wrong target spots and not see any improvements.

Work With Your Hair Type and Not Against It

Everyone’s hair type is different, and this means that not all products will work well with your hair type. For example, if you have frizzy hair that does not react well with water, you may want to introduce low porosity hair products into your routine. Or, if you have greasy and fine hair, you may want to start looking at products that cleanse and boost your hair, leaving it feeling full of volume. Knowing your hair type and working with it (not against it) will help you purchase the best products. When it comes to selecting them, you can speak to a stylist if you don’t know what your hair type is. After all, you want your products to be worth your investment. You don’t want to get a shampoo that leaves your hair feeling heavy and lifeless.

Introduce Leave-in Products

You may wash and condition your hair several times a week, but this does not mean you are giving your head the nourishment it requires. You may find that you want to introduce leave-in or leave-on products to boost your hair care routine. You may find that products such as hot oils and serums can give your hair extra time to repair and heal.

Wash Hair Only When Necessary

Your new hair care routine may focus on the products you use, but have you considered how often you should use them? It is often too easy to overwash your hair, which can negatively impact you. Washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural nutrients. Washing your hair less each week may sound gross, but in reality, you need to think about how dirty your hair actually gets before exposing it to shampoo and conditioner. This has bonuses beyond your hair being in better condition; your products last longer, saving you money in the process.


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