Buerlangma Rising Chinese Fashion Brand A/W 2023 at London Fashion Week

Do It Like A Villain
Buerlangma is proud to announce its show at London Fashion Week with its latest collection, “Do It Like A Villain.”

The collection explores the theme of the villain, who is often portrayed as both beautiful and dangerous in films, TV plays, legends, and myths from around the world. This theme is a reflection of the current cultural shift in China, where young people are embracing their individuality and creativity, challenging the status quo, and pushing boundaries in their own ways.

Inspired by the rising youth culture in China, the collection features a range of masks, symbolizing the different roles and personalities of the youth in today’s diverse world. The collection is highlighted by its ready-to-wear clothes with simple patterns and exquisite techniques and showcases the brand’s signature materials, including cotton, silk, taffeta, satin, and PU leather. The collection also features resin-printed 3D wearable devices, which further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to innovation and creativity.


The “Do It Like A Villain” collection represents Buerlangma’s goal to push the boundaries of traditional fashion and create something that is truly unique and representative of the youth culture. With its debut at London Fashion Week, Buerlangma is determined to establish itself as a leading voice in the world of fashion, promoting individuality, creativity, and innovation.

In the words of the brand’s founder, “Being a villain means to question everything that is considered to be true and to fearlessly challenge the status quo. This is the core of being a villain and what we hope to represent through our designs. Everyone can be a villain before he succeeds, and we hope to encourage the youth to embrace their individuality and creativity in their own unique ways.”

About Buerlangma

Buerlangma, founded in 2020 by designer QiQi Yuan and supermodel BoChao Yuan in Beijing, is one of the youngest designer brands. At present, Buerlangma has accumulated a lot of popularity, already cooperation with more than 200 A-line magazines, media, celebrities, stars, etc. Not only that, he also received the fashion scout merit award prize in January 2023.


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