Takes Aim at the Growing On-Chain Generative Art Market with Launch of Premium NFT Marketplace Takes Aim at the Growing On-Chain Generative Art Market with Launch of Premium NFT Marketplace Launches Marketplace Focusing on High-Quality NFT Generative Art Collections

In an open sea of options, Archipelago offers an oasis for both experienced and casual NFT collectors.

Archipelago, a startup formed in late 2021, is announcing the launch of its Ethereum-based NFT art marketplace platform, offering access to generative art collections by more than 200 independent artists from around the world.

Generative art is a type of digital art in which artists create algorithms, rather than individual pieces. Collectors “mint” limited-edition pieces sight unseen, with the “traits” of each piece determined on a blockchain when the piece is minted.

Archipelago better serves generative art collectors with its clean, art-centric design and powerful new “trait bidding” features, which allow collectors to easily bid on properties and attributes across generative art collections while significantly lowering transaction costs compared to existing systems.

Famed generative artist Tyler Hobbs supports Archipelago as the best place to view his Fidenza collection, which has amassed more than $177 million in secondary sales.

Instead of an open submission process for artists like other digital art platforms, which often overwhelms users and can lead to scams, Archipelago carefully curates NFT generative art collections, including all projects from Art Blocks, the premier platform for minting generative art. The NFT generative art movement is a rapidly growing ecosystem within the blockchain world because of its collaborative qualities between computer and artist, and now, thanks to Archipelago, users can much more easily explore the results of this complex process.

“We wanted to create a marketplace focused on our favorite type of NFTt: fully on-chain generative art,” said Archipelago co-founder and art collector Dandelion Mané. “On-chain generative art is a transformational step forward for art in a 21st century that is increasingly defined by and created with software. And, because the software creating the art can be fully stored on a blockchain, the provenance and durability of generative art NFTs is unmatched.”

“We built Archipelago because we understand the exact features that are compelling to other generative art collectors like ourselves,” said Archipelago co-founder Ian Darrow. “Our trait bidding feature will make it much easier and cheaper for collectors to pursue the pieces they want, enabling Archipelago to have a depth of liquidity unmatched by other marketplaces.”

Major crypto market-maker GSR has backed Archipelago and plans to actively use its innovative trait bidding technology from Day 1. “Archipelago’s advanced order types let us trade efficiently in the complex NFT market in a way that is simply not possible with legacy marketplaces,” said GSR President Rich Rosenblum.

About Archipelago: Archipelago is a next-generation NFT marketplace focused on curated generative art for seasoned and new NFT collectors alike. Distinguished by powerful features specifically targeted at creating a more usable and efficient market for generative art, Archipelago provides a structured experience with low fees, marrying legitimacy with accessibility to create a space where collectors come first. Leveraging its close relationships with platforms like art blocks, Archipelago is opening its doors to the community with its upcoming public launch in the early summer of 2022. Learn more on their website:

About the Archipelago Team: Starting from a desire to create an improved marketplace for generative art, William Chargin, Ian Darrow, and Dandelion Mané co-founded Archipelago in November 2021.

William Chargin is a computer scientist who has designed and implemented large-scale systems as a software engineer at Google, Protocol Labs, and Khan Academy. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ian Darrow, a self-taught programmer, has experience as a senior executive at tech companies and start-ups like Protocol Labs and LedgerX (now FTX US Derivatives), and has served on the board of directors of the Blockchain Association. Ian is a former United States Marine Corps infantry officer and a graduate of Duke University School of Law and Denison University.

Dandelion Mané previously led development for various open-source software projects like SourceCred, TensorBoard (a component of TensorFlow), and Plottable.js. Before co-founding Archipelago in November 2021, Dandelion held software engineering positions at Protocol Labs, Google Brain, and Palantir Technologies and received a B.S. in Philosophy and Computer Science from the University of Chicago.


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