6 Tips To Help You Make A Statement With Your Outfit

6 Tips To Help You Make A Statement With Your Outfit

In a world where brands and price tags are the talk of the town, if you really want to stand out, you need more than money.

If you don’t know how to stylize yourself correctly, it won’t matter how expensive your leather jacket is – it just won’t look good. On that note, these are some useful style tips to help you look amazing regardless of the price tag on your clothes.

1. Color Coordinate

The biggest thing people struggle with is matching the color of their clothes; some overdo it with colors, and others simply don’t know what goes together. Different colors work for different seasons; in fact, different colors even work for different times of the day. Similarly, you need to know how to use colors so that they complement each other rather than cancel each other out. Getting the color scheme right will make a huge difference.

2. Add a Personal Touch

You look your best when you stay true to yourself. Choosing items of clothing or accessories that resonate with you will make you wear them proudly; this also enhances your confidence. Adding a personal touch to your style makes it uniquely you. As shown by the display of confederate & rebel flag bikinis, wearing the colors of your country will give you a strong sense of self, which shows when you strut in your outfit. However, you can also add these simple touches with accessories to put your mark on any outfit. Think about what you want to do and use the right accessories. If you are swimming, then loose chains or big bangles won’t be a good choice but earring studs will look great and be functional. Keep the occasion in mind, you don’t want to be too dressed up or too dressed down.

3. Choose the Right Fit

Sometimes it’s about baggy clothes, other times it’s about tight-fitting clothes, but in either case, you need to know what fits your body the right way. Ideally, you should be getting measured and then choosing clothes based on your measurements. If that’s inconvenient at this time, then try out a couple of different sizes and take a picture to see what looks right.

4. You Don’t Need to Blend in With Style Trends

There are certain fashion trends that are very obvious, but fashion itself is about what appeals to you. You are free to create your own style, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying your own creativity. Feel free to experiment with things that you have in your own mind rather than prevalent trends. A lot of the biggest fashion trends were discovered by accident. You never know how good that idea will really look until you try it so give your own sense of style a chance too.

5. Little Things Have a Bigger Impact

Your outfit can be completely uplifted with the use of some smart accessories. The little things like a good belt, a nice jacket, or even some nice headgear, like sunglasses and hats, can make a huge difference. Keep the season and occasion you are dressing for in mind and wear something that will meet those needs and look great as well.

6. Uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something unique. Explore trends in a different part of the world, or go out of your comfort zone with something you haven’t ever worn before. Give something unexpected a try and you might end up really enjoying it.

The most impactful outfits are those that are designed specifically for a certain event. Whether that is work, school, a bar, a party, or anything else, knowing where you are going and dressing accordingly will make the biggest difference. Things that are ‘good for everything’ are rarely good in terms of fashion and making a statement. The more you build your closet, the more options you will have to experiment with.


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