5 Tips And Tricks To Stay Stylish With Vintage Clothes

5 Tips And Tricks To Stay Stylish With Vintage Clothes

Dressing vintage is the go-to style today for many women. But, it’s not always something that comes naturally. Unless you have your grandmother’s dresses as hand-me-downs, you’ll have to learn a few tricks here and there to work with the clothing you have in your closet.

Yes, modern styles are here, but vintage clothing is also here to stay. It’s slowly making a come-back, with many more women opting to take this fashion route.

Before jumping right into an entire head-to-toe look solely of vintage designer clothing from head-to-toe, you have to learn the tricks done by stylists to mix and match. This begins with experimenting with looks of your own, so you can make vintage style something that’s second nature to you.
Are you ready to revamp your vintage-style wardrobe to look classier and chicer? Head on over below for some style tips.

1. Pick Garments That Still Look Like Current Trends

One of the beauties of fashion is the fact that it’s constantly evolving. Vintage trends in the past are now finding their way into the stores of modern clothing brands, making for more sustainability in fashion. Hence, when you shop, you’re certain to find clothing pieces that are born from the marriage of the past and the present.

The first tip is, therefore, to pick garments that still look like current trends. Here are some examples:

  • Puff-sleeved shirts;
  • Sheer tops;
  • Floral dresses;
  • Long skirts;
  • High-waisted pants, shorts or trousers.
  • Vintage Shirts

Finding and wearing modern garments which draw inspiration from the past is one of the easiest ways to avoid having a costume-y look. A lot of vintage designer clothing is still in style today. When you’re unsure, take time to window shop first from different brands and thrift stores before actually paying for pieces.

2. Start Making Mood Boards

Before you even head out to shop, get the excitement up with mood boards! A quick search through sites like Pinterest will give you lots of inspiration. Having a mood or inspiration board can help you with shopping. You’ll know what to look for in every store you’re going to.

Once you start compiling photos, you’ll have an overall feel and idea of what type of vintage style you’re most likely to adopt. Moreover, you can avoid the mishaps of looking overly dressed.

3. Mix-And-Match Vintage Pieces With Something New

When shopping, don’t skip the thrift stores or secondhand stores. Sure enough, it’s there where you may find tons of vintage-style clothing at really cheap prices. When you get home, you can tweak those vintage pieces by mixing them with something new and modern.

It’s all about balance. Say, for instance, you have a vintage top. Pair it with modern-style shoes or bottoms. With this trick, you can still look fashionably current, despite the ancient vibe that vintage clothing brings.

4. Dress Around One Dramatic Piece

One of the challenges with styling vintage clothing pieces is that you may have too many prints here and there. Floral, stripes, and animal prints are some of the most common prints found in textiles for vintage clothing.

To keep your look a bit more low-key, dress around one dramatic piece. For example, you have a leopard-print top you’d like to wear for the day. Keep the bottom plain – even if it is colored. If you have a printed trench coat, then be sure your top and bottom aren’t printed. Otherwise, there’ll be too much going on in your look that you’ll have yourself looking like you’re straight out of a vintage movie or a fashion shoot.

5. Add Some Personality To Your Style

Vintage or not, a constant style tip to apply is always to inject a hint of your personality. This is helpful so you can be comfortable with your look.

Do you prefer loud accessories over more classic and muted ones? Don’t be afraid to use a few of what you already have. Do you like prints? Wear printed dresses. You don’t need to make big changes in your comfort level of clothing just to ace the vintage style.

Final Style Insights

As you can see, there’s a fine line that separates looking fashionable in your vintage ensemble and looking like you’ve picked up costumes from a thrift store. With the style tips above, you’ll slowly be able to master the art of looking classy and stylish with vintage clothing. It’s about making classics from the past go together with present trends for a well-done and put-together outfit.


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